Saturday, Sept. 17, 1932

Papa went out to Henry’s to help vaccinate his hogs, then Henry & Mr. Hughes came along & vaccinated ours too for $4.50/20 pigs. Uncle Fred helped too, they came for the pinice [sic – picnic], they had to bring the chicken cleaned & dressed & cup, then Fr. takes them all to Belleville & gets roasted. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary had dinner chicken with us, she gave 3 to the pinic [sic]. Papa & Uncle Fred went down to the molasses factory. There was a lady selling extracts & a pan for $1.00, Aunt Mary took it. Uncle Fred had lunch with us. Spirtas junk dealer was here & looked at some old stuff; he is coming again yet; didn’t buy anything. Aunt Mary bought 25¢ chicken at the pinic [sic], Uncle Fred brought it here, then we lunched this eve, the crowd wasn’t as large this time.

Thursday, May 19, 1932

Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s. Papa took the rake down to Bill Fritsche’s to get it fixed. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here again this afternoon & evening. Frank Birkner’s family gave them a call this evening. Rosalia & Bertille went over a little while, had popcorn. There is a dance in the school hall tonite. Hy Armstutz was here, he went fishing this morning & this evening he took Hill’s up to Smithon [sic – Smithton]. A junk dealer was here & bought 2 hens 8½ lbs. for 11¢, eggs 9¢.

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