Tuesday, Aug. 4, 1936

It rained a little yesterday eve. We cleaned chicken houses, baked bread etc. Ruma has church pinic [sic] today; not so hot. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary had lunch here, he helped to put up the stand for pinic [sic] tomorrow. Pap got load corn, fodder at Henry’s. We cleaned radish & lettuce seed. Our white sow died. Berti went to telephone office & called Johnson Bros. at Belleville & they came & got it this afternoon. Sure cloudy & awful warm. Eggs 21ยข.

Wednesday, Nov. 4, 1931

We baked pumpkin pies, cake, for celebrating Bertille’s birthday tonight. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up this afternoon, Uncle Fred & Papa went to see Hempe’s & Kelley. Aunt Mary & Bertille went over by Mrs. Stauenfbiel we got a slip rosebush from her a pink one. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stayed for supper & this eve. Henry & family came, played cards. Henry lost a little heifer today, Johnson Bro. got it. Tonight is talking movi pictures in the School Hall & Baseball Club has a dance in Kammler’s Hall.