Tuesday, July 7, 1931

This morning we went out to Henry’s it told us about a cheap team of horses.  From there we went over to Uncle Fred’s to help put up hay.  We where there for lunch, dinner, lunch.  Hy. Armstutz was also helping.  This evening papa went out to Barthel’s & had the battery recharged for the Chev. for 85¢.  When he came back, we all went out to Mrs. Hover & inquired about a Kelley having a team of horses for sale.  We went then to see him, he lives on Mrs. Donahue place along the hard road by Red Bud.  He has 2 horses, but will only sell 1 now & askes $35.00 for him.  On our way home we stopped at Henry’s.

Sunday, Nov. 9, 1930

Today is Mrs. Blackburn’s birthday.  Henry & family were all here for dinner today.  This afternoon, Papa, Rosalia, Bertille drove out to John McCarthy’s to get our lamp for the incubator that we bought at Strohd’s Sale & also got a 1/2 bu. apples for .75¢.  Papa spoke a few words to Wm. Rankin.  We also stopped at Frank’s and Hover’s.  Tonight Louis Kerobers are having a dance celebrating Kate’s birthday.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary are going.  We heard Mr. Fries shot his wife and then himself at New Athens this morning at 4 o’clock.

Thursday, Sept. 4, 1930

Today is Rosalia’s birthday, she is 19 years old.  Bertille baked 3 birthday cakes this morning.  Papa went over to Freeburg this morning & got some tiling for a well.  We are having chicken soup for dinner.  Papa went out in the Blackjacks to see a man by the name of Hover this afternoon.  This evening Uncle Fred, Aunt Mary, Christ Buehler’s family & Henry & family were all here celebrating Rosalia’s birthday, music was played & watermelons, cakes, doughnuts, lemonade were the refreshments.  There was a man here this afternoon trying to sell watermelon, he came from Sparta.  But we didn’t buy any because we already had two.

Wednesday, Sept. 3, 1930

Rosalia & Bertille washed, ironed, patched today.  Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s this morning.  Mr. H. Hover was here and looked at our horses, he was here for dinner.  Papa went up town to get coal oil to spray the chicken house with.

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