Tuesday, March 20, 1934

We went to Red Bud to Luhr’s Hatchery & ordered, ¬†White & Wyandolte’s chicks, will get them by 12th April; they went to Waterloo to Heyl’s Hatchery, price on chicx [sic] $8.00 a 100; went to butcher shops; etc. Some guys came around selling Coppers Protective & papers for 3 yrs. at $2.00. Mr. Webb, we signed up for it. Steve Rennecker brought us our receipt from Lester Gregson for fire co. payed for 1 yr.

Thursday, April 14, 1932

We shelled corn this morning, then Papa & Rosalia went to Ernst sale between Mondaville & Foster Pond, bought $1.20, sprinkle can, pans, table, rake & hoe. I seen in the paper Frank Geschwinder got 2500 baby chicks from W.C. Heyl Hatchery.

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