Tuesday, Oct. 25, 1932

It is cloudy, & raining all day. Bertille went over to Rennecker’s got the papers. See in there Daily Advocate that Robert Groom Jr. & Mary Louis Sterling where married at Carlinville on July 31, it was kept a secret till now. Mr. Groom is going to a miner School in St. Louis, when he has finished that they will make there home with Mr. & Mrs. Bob Groom West A St. Belleville. It is also in the paper that Fr. Grootens has paroled 2 boy out of jail, Chas. Burke the first one he had here & Tackett both of Belleville, they held up a filling station.

Sunday, Dec. 6, 1931

We went to Red Bud church. Went out to Uncle Fred’s had dinner & supper there came home did the feeding & went back again in the eve. Henry Birkner’s family, Jim Beese & wife & Groom & wife where there in the eve, Jos. Gregson’s where also there in the afternoon & also Groom & Beese.

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