Sunday, April 16, 1933

The creeks are out nearly all over this morn. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, Henry & family where all up for dinner & supper. Henry came up with the buggy, the road is awful bad, it is just about all that they can get through with horses at the hills. Wittenauer hauls the milk with the wagon. The rabbit laid eggs by George Wagners & here this afternoon. Mr. & Mrs. Levi Gregson & Agnes was here this evening. Mary Wagner had a big surprize [sic], her brothers & sister & family, celebrated her birthday 43rd at George Wagners today, all Kammler’s, Fritsches, Mehrmann’s.

Wednesday, March 29, 1933

We planted 4 bus. potatoes this morning. We all went out to Henry’s took the mule along out. Papa & Rosalia took some wheat along into Waterloo. Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Geodelle & Mrs. Fritz & Hilda came out there too. Bill was working there yesterday & today, sewing oats & today is was to wet, so they shocked corn. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up & her & Rosalia & Bertille went along to church in Hecker & took the pattern along for Levi Gregson’s. Joe & Josie are both in bed, sick with flu.

Wednesday, March 8, 1933

We washed, ironed. George Boll & Ike Napier was here & looked at our fat hog, they bought it market price $4.45 or $4.50 going to get it tomorrow morning. We lost 2 little chicks so far, out of 407. We have 10 little pigs born today but 3 she laid on, so we only have 7 left so far. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this even, she cut Rosalia’s dress out, used Josie Gregson’s pattern. Rosalia & Bertille went along up to church with Aunt Mary to lent devotion, benediction & sermon.

Sunday, Feb. 26, 1933

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stayed awhile then left, they brought Lonie along up to church. Gilbert is sick, got fever & ear ache. Fr. Aydt said this morning, they ain’t sure if they can have the play tonite or not, because Lee Gregson was here praticing [sic] last nite & when he got home, they had to call doctor , he had 104 fevers. There where 2 fellows here looked at our mules this morning. Bolstead from Burksville. Our 3 hens hatched last Thurs. 28 chicks, we put them in basement & we set 3 more. We went to Waterloo this afternoon to Heyls Hatchery, chicks are 7¢, then we went to Luhrs Hatchery at New Hanover, & priced them there & seen all the little chicks he has there. We stopped in at Henry’s on our way home, & Frank & Gusta Dudenhoeffer & Lester Herfurner & his family where there from St. Louis, & also Gus Geodelle’s. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came here, then we went along up to see the play “A Path Over the Hills” at the School Hall, Adm. 25 reserved seats 35¢, there where a lot of reserved seats, & the hall was just packed, some standing, just filled up, the Red Bud Junior Orchestra played the musci [sic]. The players in the play where Joe Griffin, & Pearl, Vic & Rosalia Braun, Anna Marie & Agnes Parker, Edgar Wittenauer, Lee Gregson, & Alb. Coop, & a girl from Pickneville [sic], took Bessie Parkers place, in the afternoon they had a boy from there to because Lee was sick, but he played pretty good. Vic Braun & Anna Marie where negroes.

Friday, Jan. 27, 1933

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stopped in, from here they went to Belleville. Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s to get a load of wheat & oats. Mr. Bess Miller of Waterloo, is going to give a birthday dance Feb. 1. Adm. 25¢ musci [sic] by the accidentals. The way he says in the paper that Miss Ethel mason teacher of Kirsch School, is going to resign on Feb. 10, to get married. Mr. Russel Gregson is driving a new plymouth sedan. It is awful cold this evening.

Tuesday, Nov. 29, 1932

Uncle Adam & Emil butchered today Papa & Henry & L. Gregson’s helped. Rosalia & Bertille went out & stayed at Henry’s, helped Leona sew shirts for the boys. had dinner & lunch there. Papa had lunch & dinner at Uncle Adams they finished butchering about 3 o clock, he came home with Levi Gregson’s. A dealer in Westhinhouse [sic- Westinghouse] Automatic electricity from Belleville was here advertising he had a small plant in his car he started it up & showed how it works, for electric lights irons etc. Rosalia Bertille went up to Mamie’s this eve. to see her quilt, cookies & orangeade where had. Lawrence Cortner was here to buy some pigs, he had been here this afternoon but nobody home, so he came back this eve. but he didn’t buy them yet.

Thursday, Oct. 27, 1932

Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s. Uncle Fred Aunt Mary came here awhile, then they went down to Joe Gregson’s after some more chickens, white ones this time 1½ & 2 for us, 1 for Leona. This evening they came up again & brought Mr. Marshall along, he had business with them, what didn’t quite understand; about Wm. Harbaugh’s land, that fellows going around securing the right of way for the hard roads in St. Clair Co, what goes over to New Athens. Leona stepped in a nail went through her foot; she bathed it & put iodine & turpentine on it.

Monday, Oct. 24, 1932

Papa & Rosalia went out Henry’s to get the mules. We washed, ironed. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stopped in a few minutes, they where down at Joe Gregson’s got some pullets 9¢ lb 7 she gave us some rose bushes to plant out. They rang over the lines this evening for a political meeting to be held at Kirsch School tomorrow nite, with free warm lunch, & for a euchre in Kammler’s Hall Wed. nite Adm. 25¢.

Thursday, Sept. 22, 1932

Papa went to Waterloo this morn, & got the whippet repaired, brakes fixed, car greased & oil changed for $12.94. Mrs. Rennecker was here awhile this morn. A man around selling fish 20¢ lb. Mr. Fisher the butcher from Waterloo was here & looked at our cow, & hogs. Walter Gregson was here & bought stock roosters @ 10½¢ lb. 18 lb. This evening we drove out to George Boll’s & looked at his cow, then went & stopped in at Roy Staunfbiel & then to Uncle Fred’s awhile. There is Republican Meeting in Kammler’s Hall tonite, Henry went, sandwiches & soda free.

Wednesday, Aug. 17, 1932

Papa got some whey. The Catholic Church of Ruma have pinic [sic] today. Burcham was around selling watermellons [sic] from 5¢ on up. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stopped here awhile, they went down to Joe Gregson’s to get some pullets. Rosalia hemmed Aunt Mary’s pillow cases for the pinic [sic], & stamped them ready to stitch. It rained this afternoon. Papa sowed another patch alfalfa the morn.