Wednesday, Nov. 30, 1932

Mr. Loresch from Red Bud was here & wanted to sell us some marble flower pots to put on the front porch, for $1.75 a piece, we didn’t take the. Papa & Neff’s went out wood sawing again, guess they will finished this afternoon. Herzog a fruit tree agent from Belleville wanted to sell us Dintelman’s tree’s, but we have plenty. Joe Wacthel is butchering today. Frank Geschwinder & his bride came home yesterday from there honey moon trip. The Eichenseer kids where around trying to sell Christmas seals stamps. Mr. Stadleman was around selling apples $1.50 bu. we didn’t take any. He sold a good many bus. here in town.

Thursday, April 14, 1932

We shelled corn this morning, then Papa & Rosalia went to Ernst sale between Mondaville & Foster Pond, bought $1.20, sprinkle can, pans, table, rake & hoe. I seen in the paper Frank Geschwinder got 2500 baby chicks from W.C. Heyl Hatchery.

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