Wednesday, February 1, 1933

Rosalia & Bertille went out to Uncle Freds remodeled dresses, had dinner & lunch. Bertille baked lemon pie there. We heard the Accidentals, Chas Hill & them played over the radio at noon hr; they had a good many tunes requested from all over, some from Waterloo, Sly Miller was one having his birthday today, they advertised the dance what he is giving at Brezzy [sic] Hill tonite. Mr. & Mrs. H. M. Hill & John Horn, from Hecker, & some from St. Louis, East St. Louis, Mo, different parts of Illinois, it was nice. Papa took dinner along & went out in the woods. Adolph Spalt’s had a pond digging frolic yesterday. Dr. Irwin died & will be buried Fri. morning. Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Grohmann christened there baby girl Lucille Mildred last Sunday. Mr. August Ettling’s mother died at Smithon [sic]. There is quite a few people that is on the sick list at present. It is in the paper that a $25,000 suit was brought against Mr. & Mrs. Julius Armbruster of Smithon [sic] by Dominick Klein, for slander, saying that Klein’s owend [sic] a couple farms, then go out begging from people, or state.

Friday, Oct. 16, 1931

The license of Clarence Pabst & 24 & Irene Voges 21 where in the paper, today so a wedding soon.  Vic Eichenseer was here & brought 110 lbs. tankage.  Henry came up & brought a load of corn.  Fr. Grootens was by Joe Watchel’s today.  We all went out to Henry’s had apple puling [sic] frolic, Geodells, Gus & Joe & family, Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, they brought a watermelon along, we had that, cake, cookies & wine.

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