Saturday, July 4, 1931

Today the machines go, there is Homecoming at New Athens, & Circus at Belleville.  Papa went down to see Ed. Pabst’s, this morning to see the crops there.  He bought 12 tiling from the town for 60¢.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up this afternoon, we all had lunch there & this evening we sat on there porch, watching fireworks at New Athen’s & at George Wagner’s.  We had music & singing.  Joe Schilling finished threshing today & pulled out in the prariere [sic-prairie] are up by Paderborn.  He threshed 2214 bus, with oats & wheat.

Friday, July 4, 1930

Today we can eat meat.  We are thrashing this morning again.  We had spring chicken for dinner.  We thrashed 139 bu. of wheat.  Kuhns thrashed altogether 2300 bu.  This evening we all went out to Henry’s.  Gus Geodelle and family, Conrad Geodelle and family, Miss Hilda Klube & boyfriend, Mr. Fred Lindes & mother were all there.  They played music, accordion, violin, guitar.  Today you can see all kinds of fireworks.  Papa & Rosalia fixed fences this afternoon.  There is picnic in Columbia, picnic & fish fry in Oak Grove Park, one in Belleville, and a good many other places.