Sunday, Aug. 20, 1933

We went to Red Bud. The Evangicals [sic] have pinic [sic] & dance this eve, in Maniers Park. We went up to the pinic [sic] after supper, went to the dance; Koehler’s Orchestra. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where all afternoon. A lady stopped & got 3 doz. eggs 13¢. The St. Louis bunch, was out that is Jake & Irvin & there friends & there was another crazy bunch there, they wouldn’t let them on the dance floor. Adm. 25¢. The quilt was won by St. Louis party.

Sunday, June 7, 1931

Papa & Rosalia went to Red Bud church this morning.  Bertille went to Hecker, there where 8 children, 4 boy’s & 4 girls made there Solemn Holy Com. this morn. – & also some made there first Holy Com.  This afternoon the 8th graders received there diploma.  We all had dinner, beef soup by Uncle Freds, across the street today.  This afternoon Uncle Adam & Emil came & Bill Freund for lunch, Frank Dudenhoeffer & Mr. Woodruft, Gusta’s nephew.  They where at the pinic [sic], the Evangelicals had cold supper & pinic [sic] today, we where there a while.  Fr. Grooten or congregation gave a quilt for them to raffle in Bluey, Elmer Kammler’s wife won it.  The Wedding quilt was won by Oliver Birkner.  It was to cold for pinci [sic- picnic] today.  Papa took care of the kids, when Henry & Leona came up, they went to the pinci [sic] awhile too.  Rheinhardt furnished the musci [sic] till 7 o’clock.

Sunday, August 17, 1930

Today the Evangelicals have their church picnic.  Hubert & Ed McDermott were at our place this afternoon.  Then we all went up to the picnic.  We all at supper there.  We came home at 10:30.

Friday, April 18, 1930

Papa, Rosalia, Bertille went out to Uncle Fred’s this morning and then Aunt Mary, Papa, Rosalia, Bertille went to church.  After church we all went out to Aunt Mary’s for dinner and supper.  Papa learned Uncle Fred how to drive his machine.  Henry & family were here for dinner and supper.  Henry and Leona went to Belleville in the afternoon.  In the evening we all went to church.  The Evangelicals had church this evening too.  We found 23 eggs.

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