Monday, Feb. 22, 1932

Washington’s birthday, also Frieda Buehler & Martha Boll. Papa, Rosalia & Jake Neff went out to Henry’s to kill a cow. Rosalia has to stay there while they take it to Waterloo to sell it, this afternoon. She & papa where there for dinner & supper. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up then they took Bertille along to Henry’s, they bought $5.05 & summer saussage [sic] $3.45 & beef $1.60. then they brought Bertille home again, had dinner here. Joe Mueth came over here a little while & looked at our sows. They should all be having pigs & the one of them did, but where all dead. McDermott of Waterloo, & family are now living with Noel & Stella Roscoe down on the farm, work is slack, he is working for Mobile & Ohio Railroad co. Henry brought Rosalia home this evening. Bertille took 9 doz. eggs. got 11¢ doz. at Eichenseers & got the papers. Henry & Leona didn’t sell much beef in Waterloo.

Monday, June 22, 1931

Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s again this morn. they was there for lunch, then they came back, Henry & Emil too with the tractor & binder, they was here for dinner & lunch, they finished cutting here about 4:30.  Then they helped Papa schock yet.  He left the tractor & binder stand here, ready for the oats next week.  We washed the Chev. this evening.  Elmer Kammler & Steve Griffin where here, Steve was speaking for the electric power line to come through, we won’t stop it, just so it comes.  He said nearly every one he spoke too it was alright.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here this evening, she picked some beans, & peas.  Eichenseers came down with a coop & we sold 70# l. hens for 13¢, & 39 h. hens for 14¢.  Eggs are 11¢.

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