Friday, April 17, 1936

Pap had dinner at Henry’s again, finished all but 1 load for Henry yet. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came, she was by Staufenbiel’s & he got load rock in woods, & cut his lawn across the street, we cleaned dining room & kitchen. Zita Carrol is going to move her furniture over to E. St. Louis tomorrow, Eichenseer’s truck. Mr. Fred Grohmann of Douglas shot himself Thurs. evening going to be buried tomorrow, leaves his wife Annie nee (Herzog) & 5 sons; all of around Smithon [sic]. Mr. Ed Rehling has a new plymouth sedan; Dr. Wagner was here wanted to get about 6 bus. oats, this evening maybe, when pap home.

Sunday, July 23, 1933

We went to Red Bud, the Catholic will have pinic [sic] & chicken supper, Aug. 8. Hecker ball team played Douglas last Sun. here & won 7 to 5, & today are playing up at Belleville, & lost 24 to 2. Mrs. Cleveland’s is celebrating her birthday today, her mother came along back with here from Centralia. Ruth Braun was here selling chances for the pinic here in Hecker on Aug. 12; we took one. Mr. & Mrs. Rennecker came over awhile, till they got company. Katie came. It sure rained nice here; some places they can thresh like by Pour’s.

Saturday, August 15, 1931

Papa went to Belleville church this morning.  Emil came down a little while.  About 10 o clock this morn.- we started out for a trip, all of us, & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, took our basket along.  We drove to Red Bud, Ruma, Evansville, then to Mike Gross Peach orchard, & ordered 2 bus. 75¢ bu. they gave us some to take along, then we drove to New Palastine & went to Ed Hale sale, we didn’t stop long, then went to Walsh, from there to Baldwin, Preston, then to New Athens, Freeburg, where we took in the parade of 40 floats & 7 bands, sure was nice, then to Douglas, Smithon, [sic] Hecker, then had supper.  We exactly covered 120 miles.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went home.  Meng got his horses this morn.

Sunday, February 23, 1930

Papa went to first mass.  Rosalia and Bertille went to late mass.  In the afternoon we drove up to Eichenseer’s and got gas and air and took Mamie along, we went to Smithton, Douglas, Belleville, Millstadt, Darmstadt, Columbia, Waterloo, Red Bud & then back to Hecker.  Oh!  Wasn’t that some drive.  I say it was.  It took 2 hours.  We found 20 eggs today.