Wednesday, Oct. 12, 1932

Bertille went up to the Dentist got another treatment put into kill the nerve. Mary Grossheim was also there. Papa went out to Walter Wittenauer & took a bus. of big potatoes along & traded for a bu. of sweet potatoes, big ones. He stopped in at Chris Buehler’s. Henry ordered 30 bus. seed wheat from Buehler. Rosalia went up town got the cream check & can, this time we had 10½ lbs. cream, test 3.9, butterfat 4 & price 180 lb. .72¢. Eichenseer didn’t charge for taking it along this this time. The other time he charged 25¢ to take it along & it was 8½ cream butterfat 3, test 41 price 19¢ lb. .57¢

Monday, Oct. 10, 1932

We didn’t wash, it is rainning [sic] a little this morn, & is awful cloudy. Mr. Hill was here to gather news this morning. Rosalia sewed a jumper. Bertille went over to Renneckers & got the paper. We took the cream & 41 lbs. hens to Eichenseers this evening. Papa paid Frances Eichenseer for 100 bus. coal $13.00 today.

Tuesday, Oct. 4, 1932

Bertille went over to Rennecker’s to exchange papers this afternoon. Henry brought a load of corn up this afternoon. Chas Jung got 30 doz. eggs 20¢. Rosalia sewed jumper for papa. Iromme Rapp is going to Red Bud High School started this week. Geo. Pautlis Jr. had a wedding dance at his home last Sat. night, he married Eliza Roberts from New Florence Mo. Miss Frances Doyle & a guy from St. Louis got married last Sat. Papa took the cream up to Eichenseer’s shipped it over to St. Louis to the Blue Valley Creamery have to pay him 25¢ to take it over, we had 8 lbs on our scale. Bertille got the can again this evening.

Friday, Sept. 30, 1932

We made a lb. of butter again this morn, but no chance selling it. Rosalia & Bertille went to Red Bud this afternoon to see Mr. Voss grocery store, wether [sic – whether] they buy cream, they buy it, so I guess will sell it there, 14¢ today, they are paying, take it anyday. While at Red Bud we went to see Mrs. Owen Fahey, she is pretty weak, but I guess will get along alright now the way the doctors’ say. She got operated last week on appendix, now a lump of matter formed, & they opened it up this afternoon while we were waiting. Marcella was there. Rosalia got a letter from Miss Bell asking us all to come & see her Sun. all day, so we stopped in there to & told her, we couldn’t come on Sun. Angela Eichenseer is getting along good at Belleville, she will come home by Mon. She got adenoid & tonsils & growth in mouth removed, she is in a room of 5 patients, it costs her $12 a week. Mrs. Griffin is so awful weak, she is on the same floor with Angela. I seen in the paper that we have a Dentist Schilling in town in Maniers place started last Wednesday.

Sunday, Sept. 25, 1932

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for chicken dinner, & supper. We all went out to Chris Buehler’s but there was nobody home, then we drove down to Sensel’s to see the lake, then we stopped in at George Parker’s, Aunt Mary got ½ sweet potatoes for 25¢. It rained this evening. We seen the search light at Scottfield, how it shown around tonite, I guess there must of been an airplane out. We went to Red Bud Condensary to see if they would by cream, but they want milk, so we can’t sent no cream. The Red Bud paper says that Mrs. Owen Fahey is in the hospital since last Thurs. Sensels lost 35 hogs.

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