Tuesday, June 23, 1936

We washed, ironed, baked bread. Went to Belleville this afternoon took 8 chickens – 16 lbs. @ 22ยข to Percy Miller. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came, worked there garden took out onions, we took ours out yesterday. They have there radio battery up at M. Wagner’s getting it charged. John Wittenauer & son, were here looked at the mule; but was to high priced for him. Alfreda wasn’t so good last nite. Sure a big day at Belleville, a convention there for 3 days.

Friday, Feb. 5, 1932

Mr. Hill was here, he wanted papa to sign a petition for Rob. L. Kern so that that he could attend the convention, papa signed, he has to have 25 then he sends the paper back again.

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