Monday, Aug. 29, 1938

Send a order to Chicago Mail House. Got alalfala [sic] seed 5 lbs. 30 [cents] to sew in hog patch. Eggs 21 [cents]. Susie got $10 for coming here. Pap hauled wood this afternoon. We picked about bu. tomatoes.

Friday, Oct. 4, 1935

Pap & Rose finished cutting corn. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary had dinner here, he dug sweet potatoes. We planted all of our flowers out today. Rose shoes & things came from Chicago Mail Order; all O.K. We went out to Uncle Freds took a letter out. Miss Esther Dalkert & Adam Loub Jr. were married Sept. 21 in Missouri. Rob. Laut’s birthday. Gave Emma Birkner a fern stalk.

Tuesday, Jan. 24, 1933

Papa went down to John Braun’s & got our clover seed, little better 2 bus. it made, charges were 25¢. We all went out in the woods this afternoon, stopped at Henry’s, first. Jake & Paul Neff are helping him & schock [sic] corn. Bertille got the mail the order from Chicago Mail Co. came, everything all right. Mr. Jung was here wanted to buy eggs, we didn’t sell a one.

Tuesday, Oct. 13, 1931

Today the Farm Bureau & anybody wishing to go over to see the Dairy Show at the Arena in St. Louis went there, they left Waterloo 8 o clock.  It rained nearly all day.  I sent an order to Chicago Mail & Co. for shoes.

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