Monday, July 19, 1937

Rain last nite & this morn. We went to New Athens to Wm. Myerscough’s funeral, had wine colored coffin. Quite a large funeral all the Parker’s, Coop’s from Hecker were there, relation; was buried in cemetery here, 3 Parker boys pallbearers, Clem, Elmer & Paul. No threshing today. Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary came this eve., took his car to Hugo Probst, battery needs charging; had to crank the car to start it.

Thursday, Dec. 15, 1932

We all went out Henry’s butchering today. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, Emil & Mr. & Mrs. Gus Geodelle where all there. We couldn’t get the Whippet started to go home, cranked & put hot water on, but it wouldn’t go, so Uncle Fred pulled us till to the hills but, then it wouldn’t go up, his wheels started spinning still, so Adolp [sic – Adoph?] Petri & his wife came along, they both helped to push, but still didn’t go, so we put chains on Uncle Freds machine & then it went up right away, till we got by Kemp’s the Whip started then Uncle Fred turned around & went home, & it worked all right coming home. The people that lived on Hirst’s place where out there trying to to sell apples. Leona bought a peck, $1.00 bus, they where bruised & fallen.

Sunday, Dec. 11, 1932

It started sleeting, it was awful bad driving the windshield always froze up & we couldn’t see, had to clean it of [sic – off] 5 times coming home from Red Bud. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for dinner we had chicken, we played 5 hand pinochle about 3 games then they went home. Dan Geodelle & his family called in this morn, looking for Henry, he wasn’t home they where at Waterloo, she called in so they are going to visit them tonite. Dan wanted to speak with Henry about pigs. Art Schaefer & a gang, Papenberg, Parker’s, went down the road with the sleigh & bells ringing this afternoon for a ride, they sure went some. We went to Robert Laut’s this evening. Joe Watchel’s family & Mr. & Mrs. Karl Boll where also there, the ladies plaed 5 hand pinochle & the men played solo. popcorn & wine where served, came home about 11 o’clock.

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