Wednesday, June 7, 1939

Went to Leo’s helped plant patch corn & make hay this afternoon; had lunch & chicken dinner there. We also had first cabbage of season of ours today. Rained this afternoon, but not so much, we need it alwful [sic] bad day. Mrs. Willing Kreher came home from Belleville Hospital yesterday, after giving birth to a 3 lb. baby, which is still in hospital in incubator. Planted out tomatoes & pepper plant last for season, sprayed potatoes. Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary came, she went to Mrs. Staufenbiels, to see about her dress. Mrs. Agnes Kroll died of a stroke this morn; while Kate was at mass; she has been blind for good many years.

Thursday, July 21, 1938

Cut in 21 qts. cabbage; & 2 qts. 2 pts. tomatoes. Went out to Henry’s this afternoon, had supper. they got about 12 bu. clover seed out.

Friday, July 1, 1938

Pap went out to Henry’s. We cut cabbage in. Leo Kern stopped here, went out to Uncle Freds got his wagon. Leo & family came this eve. & Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary came from Eckerts threshing. Mrs. Martin Zauzek died, buried Mon. morning at Paderborn. Walter Stahl died, was out threshing. Clem Schlotmann coming home from threshing was hit by truck, is in Red Bud hospital in serious condition.

Friday, Sept. 10, 1937

Cut in cabbage 13 qts; got pumpkins & watermelons in. Baked bread & coffee cake. Hy. Kessler wanted hogs, ours were sold. Pap went out & found 7 pigs from Bozzay $6.75. then took them to Hy. Kesslers sold them to him; he was well satisfied with them. Harbaugh Moorman’s Mineral Feed man was here; asking pap to be agent in Prairie du Long Township, he is promoted to higher degree. Leo & Rose [Rosalia] came, we ate watermelons.

Friday, March 20, 1936

Cold this morning. Bertie got the mail; Pap went out to Uncle Adam’s this afternoon, he is not so good, talks out of his mind sometimes. Emil called up tonite said pap should come out, so he went to stay all nite. We planted out the rest of the cabbage plants.

Wednesday, March 18, 1936

Rose & Bert went out to see Uncle Adam, he is feeling pretty good this morning. Ed & Carrie is there, he shaved him, yesterday he wasn’t so good, got chills, the doctor gave him a shot & he slept from, then until 3:30 in afternoon. We & Aunt Mary went in to Belleville this afternoon; Rose got dress goods. Went to church this evening lent devotions. Out of that gas can from Brickey Oil Station we got 20¢. We planted 26 plants cabbage.

Wednesday, July 3, 1935

Papa went out to Henry’s again help with the oats. We cut in 2 gals. & 10 qts. cabbage this morning. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up; him & Rose went out to Henry’s, helped put binder in shed, is finished for this year. Ignat Mosbacher stopped to see papa but he wasn’t home. We cut lawn, pulled peas out, picked beans, canned, 1 qt.

Friday, June 17, 1932

We canned beans, baked bread & coffee cake. It is awful hot these days. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up & Bertille went along to Red Bud with them to the dentist, but he wasn’t home, he is in Chicago at the hospital. Mrs. Munier is selling cabbage already here in town.

Saturday, April 2, 1932

Papa got crushing done this morning. Then he left & went to Waterloo then out to Farbers sale at Daisy Dell; & bought all kind of thrash. Henry came up this afternoon & got his application blank of insurance, auto & took it into Waterloo to see if he could get his money back, tonite Henrys family & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where all here, Henry drove the mule, & she brought the car. Aunt Mary brought the cabbage plants along from Jauger’s, & we planted them out, there are nice, but no frost proof, just the early plants; they where also at the sale, bought 2 buckets. We have 4 hens hatching now, so far have 32 chicks. It is awful windy & warm.

Tuesday, Feb. 24, 1931

Aunt Mary, Uncle Fred were here today.  They planted their cabbage plants out today.  Alfred May was here today and gave Pa some sale bills to put up in town they were Mr. Caldwells sale bills.  Eggs are 14¢ now.

[Ed. note: This entry is not written in Bertille’s handwriting.  It is a possibility that it is written by Rosalia].

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