Tuesday, Feb. 2, 1932

The groundhog didn’t see his shadow today so we have spring weather. We went to Red Bud to Hellmers funeral this morn. George Wagner came over when we came home & told us Leona was ringing for us. Steve was over this afternoon awhile. Henry brought a load of corn up & took his oats along home. The Ellis Grove Bank was turned over to Chester last Sat. Steve was here again this eve. we played pinochle. Leslie Siebert the Eddleman Bread driver this morn. tried to fire the furnace at his home with gasoline & he caught on fire, his hands, & clothing where burned severely.

Monday, July 13, 1931

Today is wash, iron & patch day.  Papa went out to Henry’s to get the posts for a shed, Henry brought them up on the wagon.  This afternoon Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came, they where here for lunch, & supper.  He helped papa with the straw shed.  The Karr Range Co wind [? – unclear] through this afternoon & played the radio, it was nice.  George Wagner & the kids where here this evening.  Bertille got a recipe book from Mrs. Rennecker this afternoon.  Alfred Stahl had awful bad luck the other day.  Some thing caught fire & it came up to the seperator [sic] & started burning the fire stuff there & he tried to fight it, & got his hand all scorched & burned & also his arm, he hooked the engine too it & broke 4 links, so there it was, so the water wagon came then & it got it out, then he was on the engine & fell off & broke the same arm.

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