Wednesday, Feb. 15, 1933

Papa hauled wood. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up, help quilt, & Fred went out to the woods where papa was, they say it is a real circus down at Boll’s & Henkel’s.  The hard road gang have about 50 horses & mules in Henkel’s field. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stayed for supper. Henry & family came this evening then they played cards, they where all here for lunch. Mr. A. C. Bollinger lawyer of Waterloo died yesterday 62 yrs. old, will be buried Thurs. afternoon in St. P.P. Catholic cemetery. It was in the paper that Englerth Sisters of Belleville Route 2, are engaged. Erma to Milton Wagner of Hecker, he says it isn’t so. Francis Eichenseer’s wife of Belleville is suing for divorce, & wants to keep her boy, they where married 1927, & seperated [sic] Feb. 13, 1933. His wife says Francis was going around with Anna King of E. St. Louis, & that he struck her several times; she stopped the bank from him not to get any deposited money out & sell his real estate property, & nothing till hers is settle first.

Thursday, Sept. 3, 1931

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this morn. & had dinner with us.  This afternoon Henry & family came up, he finished plowing & took the team home.  We all went to the funeral of Mrs. Rittmeyer except papa, she had a pink coffin, & dress, gold ring on & a diamond hair pin, she looked good.  Steve Rennecker was over a while.  Odillo Eichenseer came, he wanted to see our paper.  Mrs. Eichenseer came too so he had to take her to Red Bud to the doctor.  This morning Fr. Grooten’s had Mrs. Pete Watchel, Mrs. Henry Kern, Henry Rausch & Odilo Eichenseer, in Waterloo in front of Bollinger’s in the room, Pete Watchel & Rausch [crossed out by Bertille] paid the expense, as far as we know.

Thursday, April 2, 1931

We all went to church this morning.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here for breakfast, dinner & supper.  Aunt Mary, Rosalia, Bertille went to church this afternoon for 1/2 hr.  Uncle Fred went home & come back again for supper.  Papa went to Waterloo today, & from there, too Caldwell’s farm.  There were school kids here pretty near every half hr. today, selling chances on bedspread, quilt, lumber jacket for 5¢.  We took 3 chances.  This evening Henry’s family were all up.  We all went to church.  Uncle Fred took care of the kids.  We heard today that Harry Stiffler was runned away from Gambach’s Store.  The Scheriff [sic.] was out, & also Bollinger the other day.  Henry was up here this morning & got a load of corn fodder.  This evening they took 17 doz. eggs along home to set the incubator again, they got about 125 from the last hatch.  Bertille took 1 setting down to Lizzie Boll’s this evening, got 20¢ for them.  Eggs are 16¢ a doz.

Thursday, Feb, 12, 1931

Abra. Lincoln’s birthday, also Roy Stauenbiel, there is to be a dance there tonight.  Rosalia is in bed all day, she has the measles the doctor said “he was here this evening & looked at her.  He say’s she is over the worst because they are out now, but she has to stay in bed for 3 or 4 days yet.  She had 103 ½ fever this eve.  He say’s when you can see spots in the back of the throat, then it is measles.  Papa went along with him to the house & got some cough medicine for her.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary was up this afternoon.  Aunt Mary & Bertille went to the quilting, there were 4 there.  Papa took 24 doz. eggs to the store and got 12¢ a doz.  Tonight is Literary Meeting in the Public School House.  Speakers are Dr. Bock.  They also wanted A.C. Bollinger but he called out and said “on account of rain, he wasn’t coming.

Saturday, Oct. 25, 1930

Today is Jake Reheis’s wife’s birthday.  They are going to celebrate by having a dance in Breezy’s Hill.  Today Gambach is to start his sale.  This evening Rosalia and Bertille went up & took Mamie along & then we went to the Republican meeting in the church hall, or in the new school hall.  Archie Weihl & A.C. Bollinger, A.H. Friedichs & Meader from Columbia were the main speakers & Luis Weihl was chairman.  Free sandwiches and soda water were had & gumo (?) for the ladies from Casey Leep, blotters from Louis H. Zimmer.

Tuesday, April 29, 1930

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here for dinner and supper.  Uncle Fred & Papa worked up at the school building.  Bill Haudrich & a sales agent were here this evening trying to sell all kinds of stuff.  Rosalia & Bertille & Aunt Mary were at Louis Birkner’s a little while this evening.  We looked at her garden then Haudrich and that sales agent came there.  We bought a few things from him.  A box of face powder, perfume, cream, lice and insect powder.  Henry came up this evening, he got a letter from Bollinger in charge of Philip Braun, to pay a bill amounting to $21.90.

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