Wednesday, Dec. 6, 1933

We went to Bellville [sic] sold everything out, but blood sausage; all the eggs 19 doz. for 30¢. Papa hauled wood.

Friday, Dec. 16, 1932

We baked eggless cookies this morn. Rosalia went to Eichenseer’s got oil changed in Chev, got the mail. Mr. Gregory Neff is in St. Elizabeth’s hospital, he got kicked by a blind mule, two weeks ago Tues, he was brought to Hecker first to Dr. Eckert, & unconsious [sic], but now they took him to the hospital, he is improving somewhat, they way last nights paper reads. Henry & family came up for supper, & brought the kettles up. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went to Henry’s to get there blood saussage [sic], just before Henry came up.

Tuesday, Jan. 6, 1931

Today is Epiphany.  Rosalia fried down 5 gals. bacon today.  Papa took the car up town & got air & gas ready for Belleville tomorrow.  Mr. Hill called up this evening & told us about telephone meeting next Thursday Evening at George Kammler’s.  Bertille made some mush & put blood sausage in with it & fried it for supper.  It sure was good.  This evening we cooked some beef soup for tomorrow when we come back from Belleville.

Tuesday, Dec. 2, 1930

We washed & hung it in the basement this morning.  Papa went to Waterloo to get his watch & get the Whippet fixed.  We fried down a quart of shoulder meat this morning.  Today is Frances Schilling’s birthday, she is 24 years old.  We took the screens off this afternoon.  This evening Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary was here, they brought us a liver & blood sausage along up.  Henry & Emil were also here.  Henry sold his boar pig to Ed Meng it weighted 174 lbs. & at .9¢ a lb.  Eggs are .33¢ at the store.

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