Friday, June 26, 1931

Henry & Emil where here for lunch, dinner & lunch.  He Sure had trouble today with his binder, I guess if that wouldn’t of happened, he would of been done up here.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up this afternoon & evening, she brought a 1/2 gal. cherries along.  I can 1/2 pint.  It is awful warm these day, generally around 96° & 98° to 100!  Vic Eichenseer was down today.

Wednesday, June 17, 1931

We where all at Henry’s today for lunch dinner & lunch.  Emil was helping too.  But they broke a piece on the binder, so they had to stopped at 3:30.  We helped to clean the summer kitchen.  This evening Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stopped here on there way to Ike Napier’s to a party, we where invited but didn’t go.  It is Ike’s birthday.

Saturday, June 13, 1931

Today is Catholic Church Picnic, nice day.  Rosalia & Bertille went up a little while in the evening.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here.  Henry & family came – they left the kids with Papa & they went to the pinic [sic] too.  It turned out to be a big crowd, someone said they sold 300 supper thickets [sic].  He had the victrola & radio agoing that’s all the musci [sic] they had.  There where mostly all strange people there, from St. Louis, Belleville, & all over.  The auction the pies & cakes out, some brought 10-15-20-55¢ & Aunt Mary bought one before that & paid 30 for Whiter & a piece or two Sunshine.  Papa went along out to Schulz’s with Eichenseer’s to help set up a binder.  Odillo said he was going to St. Louis tonight, to a party.

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