Wednesday, Oct. 26, 1932

It is cool this morn, after the rain yesterday. Bertille went to the dentist this morn, got one finished & this afternoon got 3 more filled, & he cleaned them too, for $11.50. Septore from E. St. Louis stopped again & took 6 doz. eggs along, 25¢ doz. The Evangelical Ladies Aid are having a euchre at Kammler’s Hall this eve. We all went, 25¢ don. [donation] We went up to Mamie’s first & she went along over. Papa & Rosalia got prizes, a dish, & lemon squeezer, Papa had 5 points & Rosalia 7, Bertille 4 & Mamie had 4. It wasn’t a very large crowd at all. 11 tables in euchre, & about 25 bluey players. It started in to rain after we got home. Papa got Int. from Hempe.

Saturday, Oct. 15, 1932

Papa went out to Armstutz Quarry & got a load of chat & lime for our walk for 50¢. Rosalia & Bertille went to Waterloo paid the Waterloo Times & took 24 doz. eggs @ 22¢. Stopped at Henrys. Geodells from St. Louis are coming to see them tomorrow. Mrs. Adolph Petri called out to Hill’s this morning & told them that George Petri Skinny got killed sometime last night or the morn, his machine turned over & he was pinned under, she taught [sic – thought] may be the wheels clocked, they brought him home dead. The Fahey boy said he went out squirrel hunting Fri. nite at 11 o clock & upset in a sink hole & broke his neck. Harry Kammler’s got a dance tonite, muscis [sic] “by the Country Club Orchestra, Adm. 35¢.

Monday, Oct. 10, 1932

We didn’t wash, it is rainning [sic] a little this morn, & is awful cloudy. Mr. Hill was here to gather news this morning. Rosalia sewed a jumper. Bertille went over to Renneckers & got the paper. We took the cream & 41 lbs. hens to Eichenseers this evening. Papa paid Frances Eichenseer for 100 bus. coal $13.00 today.

Friday, Sept. 30, 1932

We made a lb. of butter again this morn, but no chance selling it. Rosalia & Bertille went to Red Bud this afternoon to see Mr. Voss grocery store, wether [sic – whether] they buy cream, they buy it, so I guess will sell it there, 14¢ today, they are paying, take it anyday. While at Red Bud we went to see Mrs. Owen Fahey, she is pretty weak, but I guess will get along alright now the way the doctors’ say. She got operated last week on appendix, now a lump of matter formed, & they opened it up this afternoon while we were waiting. Marcella was there. Rosalia got a letter from Miss Bell asking us all to come & see her Sun. all day, so we stopped in there to & told her, we couldn’t come on Sun. Angela Eichenseer is getting along good at Belleville, she will come home by Mon. She got adenoid & tonsils & growth in mouth removed, she is in a room of 5 patients, it costs her $12 a week. Mrs. Griffin is so awful weak, she is on the same floor with Angela. I seen in the paper that we have a Dentist Schilling in town in Maniers place started last Wednesday.

Tuesday, Aug. 30, 1932

Ed Meng was here & got the horse to rake his hay. Papa is hauling wood. The New Athens Cleaners where here, suits cleaned for 75¢. Some people here wanted to buy potatoe [sic] onions. Bertille went up town this eve, mailed a letter to Aug. Blackburn $3.00 check for road rent. This eve, we all went out to Uncle Fred’s, ate watermellon [sic].

Friday, Aug. 26, 1932

It rained last night, we cut in 2½ saurkraut [sic] this morning. Rang over the lines this morn, that Geo. Lorberg is going to have a shooting match next Sun. on ducks, & pigs. Papa got a letter from Gus. Blackburn, for $3.00 that papa owes him for road rent 1 yr. ago; they had called it straight, till now it want his pay. Papa hauled a load of wood & he seen Gus, so he is going to pay him in the near future. A fellow from St. Louis was here & bought 12 doz. eggs & 9 lbs. springs 13¢ & eggs 15¢. Bertille went over to Renneckers with the papers.

Friday, Aug. 19, 1932

Papa got some whey. We all went to Waterloo this afternoon & paid up bills, dentist, got a barrel for 25¢. It is so cool these days, & nite. Hy. Kirsh was here to see about some Stark’s fruit trees. he is going to replace them for different ones. Seen in the paper free dance at Breezy Hill Aug. 24. Wed.

Monday, Feb. 15, 1932

Louis Dehn butchered over at Rennecker’s today; 2 hogs got them from Ben Rausch. Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Ettling was here & paid his interest this afternoon. Papa was up in the woods. It is raining.

Tuesday, Oct. 27, 1931

It is raining this morn.  Henry & family was here & brought the little meat grinder along, they brought a calf up to ship with Eichenseer.  We washed, ironed & patched today.  There where 4 men going around today selling a book “Delinator” for 7¢ mo. & receive a cook book or a dress making book.  We didn’t take it.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up to pump the water out of the cellar this afternoon.  Papa got a Int. check from Hempe, part of it $40.00 pay the rest next week.  Louis Armstutz helped out in “Staggy” Helfrich’s barber shop a few days, “Staggy” has a sore finger.  We went out to Uncle Fred’s & had a pinochle game.  Papa & Aunt Mary against Uncle Fred & Rosalia & Bertille in favor of Pap & Aunt Mary 2 games.  We ate Watermelons, there a 35 lb. one.

Monday, Oct. 26, 1931

It rained a little this morning, a little.  Ralph Etling was here after dinner a while he paid papa $100 Int, still $98 due yet.  He said ain’t much work in St. Louis, he works 3 days week.  Today is Buddy’s birthday he is going to celebrate it Sat. night dance at the brick house.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up brought 2 doz. eggs along.  The egg man came, he got 8 doz. from us & 2 of there’s, pays 25¢.  Henry & the boys where here brought a load of corn up.  He took our kettle along, he is talking about butchering Wed. & peddle out the saussage [sic].  Our egg man say’s he will take 2 lbs.

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