Thursday, Oct. 14, 1937

Send a card for us to get group picture of Chas. Stookey’s Early Bird gang at KVSK. We had beef soup dinner. Schmidt brought sack mash feed; took our 4 gal. crock lard @ 12¢ lb. Mehrmann got 7 doz. eggs .21¢ & ½ bu. sweet potatoes 50¢; H. Wittenauer took ½ bu. to; sewing wheat here, yesterday afternoon & today. Cleaned bedroom, varnished furniture, & going to varnish floor tomorrow. Reports is that Mr. & Mrs. Pete Watchel have a baby boy Leroy, Tues. 4 girls 1 boy, & Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Wiegand have baby girl since Sun. morning.

Thursday, Feb. 25, 1932

We all went out to Henry’s butchering today, there for lunch & had dinner at 3 o clock when we finished, had beef soup. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where helping too. He made mostly summer saussage [sic]. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary & Mamie Eichenseer where here this evening. Eggs are 10¢ doz.

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