Friday, Oct. 7, 1932

Henry & Floyd brought a load of corn & got whey. Uncle Fred & Aung Mary where up, planted out flowers. Papa loaded a hog & took it out to Henry’s, he traded with him, Henry got 2 hogs & papa got 8 small pigs. We sold 6 doz. eggs @ 25¢ & 5½ lb. hen, @ 12 ¢, to a egg man. An alarm ring went, said that a truck load of apples selling at 75¢ bu. was coming to the square this afternoon & one that Fred Weber is going to have a barn dance musci [sic], by Ill. Roamers. I seen in the paper that John Cordy of Tiptown is sporting a new Chev, coach, traded his plymouth. Mr. Rippleymier from Waterloo was here & looked at our cow & calf, he bought it, gave papa $40.00 for both, coming to get it tomorrow afternoon.

Sunday, June 26, 1932

We went to Red Bud. It rained a good shower here this morning, but not at Red Bud. Miss Josie Keller came she had intended going to Heyl’s but they aren’t going to be at home, so she stayed here all day & evening & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where also here, for dinner, lunch & supper. We had ice cream, cake, lemonade for lunch. Then the women folks went out to see the cemetery, when we came back we stopped by Eliza Boll about an hr. Clem Parker was here & gave us all an invitation to come to Alphonse Parker’s barn dance a birthday, we didn’t go. They say there is also one in Weber’s barn, given by the Wittenauers, Lester Gregson’s wife birthday, & also Harry Kammler has one, musci [sic] by Chas. Wagner’s Rythmn [sic] Kings, Adm. 35. Kelley was here this evening & papa & him made a trade, our horse & a stock hay & $7.00 for his 2 horses. Mr. Hill was here gathered up the news. It thundered & lighten & wind this eve. rain.

Monday, June 13, 1932

We washed & ironed the truck patch, corn. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this evening, worked a little while, then got ready for the barn dance at Jonny Kreher, he was supposed to furnish the musci [sic]. eggs 8¢, we took 21 doz. up. Vic Braun was here & brought papa the insurance paper for the house down here.

Wednesday, June 1, 1932

Gus Blackburn’s having a public barn dance tonite, Gents 25¢ Ladies free. It rained pretty heavy this afternoon. The Biebel Roofing fellows where here again today. The egg man was here & wanted to get some more chickens for 16¢. He is coming tomorrow morning to get them. Hy. Armstutz came here awhile this evening. Papa was over by Rennecker’s awhile. We planted flowers out.

Sunday, May 15, 1932

Ed Scheinder was here & took a look at the colts. Aaron Papenberg came & invited us out to Geo. Parker’s barn dance, Carol is celebrating her birthday there. The Fahey twins celebrated there birthday at Oak Grove last night, Adm. 25, Papenberg said he was there. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where her awhile then went home. George Schilling was here to see papa. Mr. Branderburger & also Weber from Red Bud, where here to see the colts. We went out to Parker’s this evening, cake & cookies where served.

Friday, April 29, 1932

Last day for schools at most places. It rained last nite, & all day. Bad for the funerals today. Ed Parker’s have a barn dance, tonite we where invited, but the weather was unfavorable, & didn’t go. Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Hill of Smithon [sic] have a little baby boy born in St. Elizabeths Hospital the other day.

Sunday, April 24, 1932

We went to Red Bud church, & also went to the hospital to see Mamie Meuth, she got operated for appendix, she is getting along fine. Clem Parker & Aaron Papenberg where here & invited us for the barn dance at George Parkers tonite, Elmer’s 18th Birthday. So we went out this evening. Papa went up town this afternoon. Bertille went up to Lester Gregson’s but there was nobody there, they where at Joe Gregsons.

Saturday, July 11, 1931

Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s again today to help haul oats bundles in the loft.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came this morning, they where here for dinner, lunch.  He went to Red Bud.  We had cucumber salad for dinner.  Papa & Rosalia where out at Henry’s for lunch, dinner.  There was a man here selling different things for the orphans at Belleville & also two men from St. Louis, to see if we had any eggs for sale.  Jake Friedrich has another barn dance this evening.

Sunday, June 14, 1931

Today is Pinic [sic] in Floraville & one at the Round Prarie [sic] Church, on the hill.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stayed at Hecker all night, ready for church this morning.  We where at there place for dinner & lunch.  Hy. Armstutz stopped when he came home from the ball game.  Ben Rausch stopped & invited us all to come to the barn dance tonight at Webers, to surprize [sic] him on his birthday.  So we all went, it was mostly all old people there.  Sthiel & Herzog furnished musci [sic].  Papa & Rosalia went to Waterloo Church this morning, we went to Hecker, it was out in a hurry, no sermon & low mass, because he tought [sic - thought] the people where tired from the pinic [sic].

Thursday, June 11, 1931

Ed Parker has poster’s, up for his big new barn dance tonight.  We went out & the crowd that was there, some said 300, & others said 500 people upstairs, it sure was crowded.  People from all over, Evansville, Smithton, Waterloo, St. Louis, from everywhere.  There was a man here today selling fruit again, we send him off.  Papa went out to Henry’s to get a load of posts.  Eggs are still 12¢ yet.