Tuesday, June 7, 1932

It rained this morning. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up about 3 o’clock, then it started raining again & thunder & heavy lightening, it struck a tree in front of Mrs. Kroll’s house. This evening Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went to Johnny Krehers barn dance was to be an invitation party, we had no call. Henry & family came up this eve, Henry went up to the school house, but there was no meeting. 2 fellows working on the barn roof, they got just half down when it started raining. We sure did have a heavy rain, & wind. Papa went to Hy. Armstutz & got the mower & team, made a couple rounds then it started raining.

Monday, June 9, 1930

Papa & Rosalia went to Henry’s this morning.  They had dinner out there.  Uncle Fred, Aunt Mary, Bertille went to Red Bud to the school picnic.  Papa went to look for dewberries, but he said “there was none there.”  In the evening we all went out to Kenneth Kemp’s barn dance.  Ha!  Ha!  We sure did have fun.  Bertille was at church this morning.  This evening she took eggs to the store & got .17¢ a dozen, then she went up to Eichenseer’s to see if Mamie could go along to Kemps.  But she wasn’t allowed to go.

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