Friday, June 18, 1937

Uncle Fred took wheat to Waterloo she [Aunt Mary] stayed at Uncle Adams; he isn’t good at all. Pap went out Henry’s all day had dinner, helped finish his job. Was in Waterloo paper J. McDermott & Rose Korando were married at Ava by Fr. Schumacher on June 10 at 9 clock mass. she comes from near Cora was teacher in Jackson & Randolph for past several years. Jack still working at Security Hospital at Menard; wedding breakfast was at Logan Hotel Murphysboro, departed for short honeymoon were attended by cousin Grace Korando, & Chas. Irose nephew of groom; will make there home in Chester. Quite few weddings in Waterloo. Horn – Hergenroeder, attended by Al. & Walter Horn cousins of groom & Grace & Alice Axley cousins of bride & Werling & Rubemeyer. Dougherty nee Elvira Haudrich have a little baby born last week, now have two.

Monday, June 3, 1935

We washed, ironed; nice day. Frank Buehler & guy from Ava, came looked at the binder, & he bought it $25.00 Papa paid Buehler $8.00 he hauled it home to Ava for him; got it at noon. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were up, cut a dress for Rose, skirt & waist seperate [sic] a white one; had lunch here; planted out sweet potatoe [sic] plants, picked cherries. Roy Cortner boys & Pierre Klotz had a accident last nite, Klotz car not impaired, fender were torn of; they say. Eggs 19¢ today, going down again.

Monday, August 17, 1931

Papa & Rosalia went after the peaches this morn, they got 2 bus. from Gross Orchard for 65¢ a bus. there where so many trucks there loading.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up to help to peel them, we caned [sic] 32 qts. so far, the green ones we layed back, they where here for lunch & supper, we also canned 1 qt. pickles, 2 tomatoe, 1 greengage.  This evening there was a big truck around with peaches from Ava, Ill. they sold quite a few in town here, the Eichenseer’s got 8 bus. they where also 65¢ bu.  Aunt Mary & Bertille where at George Wagner’s this evening.  Henry & family where all here, he went to Eckert’s, & Kessler’s, looking for peaches.  Eggs 15¢ & wheat 42 at Red Bud today.

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