Monday, Oct. 19, 1936

We pappered [sic] the front room. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary & Henry & Leona helped; had dinner & duck supper, it weighed 5½ lbs. We went to the Democratic Meeting at Kammler’s tonite, speakers H. Jackson, Burk of Kansas. Davis of Muryphsboro [sic], had talkie picture & free beer, surely was a crowd, had a speaker, microphone, carried far; the hall was packed & other time as many out side they said, beer in all [illegible].

Wednesday, June 8, 1932

I seen in the paper there where 50,000 people attended the American Legion fair at Belleville Sat. & Sun. It is cloudy again this morn, so more raining coming. Papa went to Hy. Armstutz & got the team & finished cutting hay this afternoon. Then him & Rosalia went out to Henry’s & got the mule. There is a dance at Paderborn Church Hall.

Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1932

We went to Red Bud to church. High mass & benediction & station’s this morning. We have the doors & windows open just like spring. Rosalia sewed lettuce along by the house this afternoon. Papa went out in the woods, helped Henry, Emil & Bill was helping too. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up for church this evening. We played 4 hand pinochle, Uncle Fred & I won 3 games. They say at the free dance what Fr. Grootens gave there wasn’t many people there, there was a dance out at Papenbergs the same night, Parker’s went there.

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