Sunday, Nov. 20, 1932

We went to Red Bud to church. Hy. Armstutz & a fellow from Belleville where here, he got 4 doz. eggs @ 30. $1.20. Papa went up to the store this afternoon, got our spray that Wittenauer’s brought along from Henry’s. Henry took his saussage [sic] & meat into Waterloo this morning for Art Geodelle from St. Louis, he is to buy it all from him. Tonite is a play at Belleville, & Red Bud & Waterloo, Red Bud it is all married people, Adm. 25¢ the name is “Just Country Folks.” Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary didn’t stay up long this morning on account of the roads, the wasy she says, Fr. had a big sermon in church again this morn. Frank was published for the second & third time, the wedding is Thursday, Thanksgiving Day at 9 ‘o clock. Joe Hilpert & Rheinhardt were hunting out at Henry’s today. It is awful warm, the snow is nearly all gone.

Saturday, Nov. 19, 1932

We went out to Henry’s butchering, took Uncle Fred along from the church dance, we took the pig along out it weighed 288 lbs. @ 4¢. We took Uncle Fred home as far as that way around. Mr. Daniel Geodelle, Leona’s grandpa died at 5 o clock, this evening. Henry Volkman’s birthday is today.

Friday, Nov. 18, 1932

We went out to Uncle Fred’s this evening his birthday cake & doughnuts were served; dancing was the main feature of the evening & also singing, those present where , Henry Birkner & family, Christ Buehler’s family, Frank Birkner’s family, George Parker’s family, Fred Papenberg’s family, Clarence Wittenauer & Angela Eichenseer, Mrs. Oscar Birkner & kids, the roads are getting awful muddy.

Thursday, Nov. 17, 1932

It sure is nice today. Papa took 41# mud hens @18¢ to Eichenseer’s this evening. Fr. Grootens is having wutschmark & turkey raffling, tonite, turkey attendance prize, everybody has to bring sauerkraut & potatoes & bread; they say there was only about 37 that ate there; their wasn’t very many strangers there.

Wednesday, Nov. 16, 1932

This morning everybody was out shoveling snow, it drifted a lot, good snow balling & sleigh riding today. Papa & Bertille went to Red Bud this afternoon, got some giz and capsules to worm our chickens, we did it this afternoon. Tonite there is to be euchre & dance at Paderborn, we had intended to go, but not by this weather we won’t go. Leona called for Dr. Eckert to come out there, Floyd took sick, he wouldn’t talk, had craps, Dr. said it come from eating to much warm pumpkin pie, after he vomited he was better, he has fever. It was about 8′ oclock when she called for him this evening. Floyd had been sleeping already.

Tuesday, Nov. 15, 1932

It rained, sleet all day. We shelled corn this afternoon. This evening it started snowing & it didn’t take long the ground was all white. Joe Griffin fixed George Wagner’s telephone today.

Monday, Nov. 14, 1932

We washed, ironed, it is awful windy. Louis Schoenborn is getting buried this morn. Tecklenburg got 5 doz. egg @ 29¢. Henry & Floyd where up he got whey. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came here awhile paid for there hogs 616 lbs. 2 of them @ 4¢. $24.64, from here they went to Louis Birkner’s birthday, he is 66 yrs old today. The Birkner bunch where all at Oscar’s today, fence fixing frolic. Bertille send a Thanksgiving card to Josie Keller & invited her out for Uncle Fred’s birthday.

Sunday, Nov. 13, 1932

We went to Red Bud church. Aunt Mary was here awhile before church, she came up with Oscar’s. Ralph Rausch brought the Sun. paper here this morn. It is a beautiful Sunday. Gus Klotz killed a buf yesterday. We went over to Rennecker’s awhile & played pinochle, this evening. Rosalia held 1500 trumps in clubs.

Saturday, Nov. 12, 1932

Uncle Fred came up & Hy. Armstutz shot the 2 hogs, took them out on the Whippet, & we all went out there had lunch, dinner, supper & lunch. Oscars Birkners family & Henry Brand & family where all there helping, it was a nice day. Papa & Rosalia went home & did the feeding & came back in the evening, & sugar cured the meat, & we stayed till 11 o clock taking in the radio.

Friday, Nov. 11, 1932

We had the first snow this morning, & awful cold; we started the fire in the furnace this morn. The Catholic Church bell rang & tolled for the death of Louis Shoenborn, he stays by John Roth, he is a sister & brother’s, he went out hunting yesterday & didn’t come back, they had taught [sic – thought] he went to Volkman’s, they called there, & he wasn’t there, & they went to look for him found him dead in the field he will be buried on Roths lot at the Hecker cemetery & also church here. Sexton from E. St. Louis stopped & got 5 doz. egg for 27¢. The winners of the turkeys at Institute last Fri were won by Arthur Kaufman, Henry Wedel, Christ Janson, William Mueller, Peter Keim, Gus. Buettner, Robert Glessner, & Oliver Ruhl. the attendance prize turkey was won by Herman Wierschem. The O’gals motor oil given by the Monroe Service Co, as registration prize was won by Fred Henke. It was in the times today that Clarence Ohlendorf of Waterloo Ill, & Miss Luella Minmean of Hecker, surprized there friends & where married last Sat. at Edwardsville Ill; the attendants were Roy Reinhold & Pearl Haller, they left for a short honeymoon, & they will make there home in Waterloo, she is the only girl of Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Minnemean & he is the only son of Mr. & Mrs. William Ohlendorf of Waterloo. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up to pick there hogs out to butcher tomorrow.

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