Tillie’s Family

Papa: Anton Brand, widowed father of Henry, Rosalia and Bertille. Their mom, Catherine (nee Crowe) died in 1917. Farmer.

Henry: Brother to Bertille, first born (1904). Farmer.

Leona (maiden name Goeddel): Henry’s wife.  Sister in law to Rosalia & Bertille. Married to Henry since 1928.

Robert “Bobby”: Henry & Leona’s son. Robert was born in 1926 to Henry and his first wife (Louisa nee Schilling) who died a month after his birth.

Floyd: Henry & Leona second son, born in 1929.

Willis “Billy”: Henry & Leona third son, born in 1933.

Rosalia “Rose”: Sister to Bertille, second born (1911). Lives at home.

Aunt Mary: Sister to Anton. Married to Fred Birkner. Lives on nearby farm.

Uncle Fred: Husband to Mary. Full name: Fred Birkner. Brother-in-law to Anton. Farmer.

Uncle Adam: Uncle to Anton. Great-Uncle to Bertille, etc. Full name: Adam Brand. Farmer.

Emil: Cousin to Bertille, etc. Full name: Emil Brand. Uncle Adam’s son. Nephew to Anton. Farmer. Unmarried.

Grandpa: aka Nicholas Brand. Brother to Adam Brand. Anton’s father who died in 1925.


  1. Judy Matzenbacher says:

    I just discovered Tillie today. What an interesting story…I am enjoying it so much. When was Tillie born & died? Where did she live?

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